What is a Temple Tent?

A Temple Tent stretch marquee is a single piece of super flexible, waterproof material that can be rigged in an endless variety of shapes. A stretch tent is a versatile alternative to a traditional marquee. The tents are made out stretch fabric specially developed for this application. It is a single ply two-way stretch nylon filament fabric with a 100% waterproof polyamide coating applied to one or both sides. The inner side of the fabric provides for a lovely soft fabric draped effect, saving on costly silk or fabric linings usually required within standard PVC marquees.

Our tents are designed and stitched right here in Australia to specifically meet local fire, structural and safety standards. The fabric is incredibly strong and contains a built in fire retardant – our tents have been tested and certified to world wide and fire safety standards (AS.1530 part 2 and part 3). Our installers have extensive experience setting up stretch tents in a variety of unique situations.


Temple stretch tents are available in a striking array of colours, including the ever popular red, orange, blue, yellow, sand, green, black, sand (beige) and white. White is popular with engagements and weddings.


We stock stretch tents of all sizes to suit any occasion and site. Smaller sizes up 60 square metres are popular for backyard parties, fetes and sporting events. Larger tents up to several hundred square meters are suited to festivals, large weddings and engagements, and corporate events.

The most poplualr sizes of stretch tent are:

4.5 m x 8m – fetes, stalls, dj booths, shades canopies, rain shelters

6m x 9m – garden parties, ceremonies, stages, fetes, chill spaces

9m x12m – seated shelter for engagements and weddings, festvals

10m x 15m – seated shelter, dance floor and bar for weddings etc, festivals, corporate events

15m x 20m and above – large events and festivals, capacity several hundred people. And they can be joined together!


As a general rule of thumb we say 1.5m2 per person standing (cocktail), and 2.5m2 per person seated (banquet). Variables include whether the sides are up or down, the shape of the tables, space allowed for a dance floor or bar and so on.